angel star gates healing Alchemy
unique series of 1 to 5 zoom classes

Dates december 2021, january & february 2022

Fees on application

Templa Mar

This is a Series of 5 x 2.5 hour Zoom Sessions, taught live in December 2021, and January/February 2022, and recorded*. Each of these is an individual Session, and can be studied on its own, yet together they build into a full Series of Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Light Work concepts and options for healing. The first Session teaches the new advanced one-step Sacred Eden Tree Light Body. The other 4 Sessions are about Angelic Alchemy using various Star Gates/Light Work techniques (NB: Preferred pre-requisite to understand the content of Sessions’ – to have completed at least the first three Lemurian Blue Star Mystery School Levels) *the Recorded 5 Sessions are available now (plus optional Introductory Session – background to this project, how we have reached this current stage of Ascension and where we go next, as per guidance from the Angels)

  • New Zoom Sessions: Session 1 – The brand new (Summer 2021) one-step Sacred Eden Tree Advanced Light Body – learn this in the 1st Zoom;’ develop and work with it in a myriad of ways in Templa Mar.
  • Other 4 Zoom Classes: Advanced Star Gate Alchemy with a host of Angels is taught in the other 4 Zoom Classes. of this unique Series. Begin with Michael, Octahedron to Cloud of Knowing. Then Melchisadec & Stellated Octahedron, Violet Ray Alchemy and Halls of Amenti in heart of Mother Earth. Next: Metatron & Shekinah and the Icosahedral Star Gate – rebalancing of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine for Ascension. Finally, in Zoom 5: Power & Glory – moving through Alchemy of the Seraphim and Dodecahedron to the final Sacred Geometries for Ascension – involving the Quinary Angels and Rosa Mystica (60 + 12 = 72, doubled to 144 and the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension. Complete your advanced Light Work mystical journey around/with the Circle of Life as you return (further enLightened) to your new Sacred Eden Tree Light Body.
  • Coming later in 2022
  • Separate Session 6, The Emerald Table of Alchemy of Hermes Trismegistus Initiation. Zoom combined with self-study material (as for Blue Star Mystery School). Builds on previous Sessions
  • Includes Initiation and instruction on use of the Sacred Geometry of the Table for healing Alchemy

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