Emerald Table of Healing & Alchemy/
As Above So Below – Workshop

Date: TBD 2020/21


Templa Mar

Read on and please contact me if you would like to register your interest. (NB: Preferred pre-requisite is to have completed a minimum of the first three Lemurian Blue Star Mystery School Levels)

  • Initiation into the Star Gates & Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus Initiation, and use of the Sacred Geometry of the Table for healing Alchemy.
  • As Above So Below, As Without So Within Workshop. Firstly aiding the Angels to restore Earth’s original pure template (held in trust for mankind in Templa Mar) Secondly, aiding restoration of the pure, unfallen Zodiac, with Pistis Sophia, Zodiac and Quinary Angels. This “calls” a vanguard of Advanced Light Workers whose soul contract specifically includes these Ascension aspects.

Emerald table workshop

Email to reserve a place or for more info!