Angelology Training

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Beginners & advanced courses

ANGELOLOGY TRAINING (*Based on simplified Essene Wisdom) is for those who:

  1. Want to learn how to invite Angels into daily life for self healing and spiritual development
  2. Wish to work more intensely with Angels, broaden and deepen their knowledge of how Angels aid and support us with healing at many levels of vibration when we work closely with them
  3. Are ancient souls, now drawn into the Angelic Mysteries, and who wish to study in depth and to retrieve their own wisdom from their origins (if Star Born) and past lives

There are various Angela McGerr Angelology* online courses you can study.   All are complete, comprising written material with illustrations. They are self-study courses. Students enrol and pay, then receive written material via email. They then work individually at their own pace. Once the student acknowledges safe receipt of the emailed material, it’s not supported, although mentoring can be arranged at an extra fee.

Angels Every Day

This is a short, introductory course for those new to working daily with angels. More info coming soon.


1: A complete introductory course on healing self and others with the Primary Angels of the Twelve Colours of Creation, for greater harmony and balance, including Caduceus.
  • 2: Crystalline Heart Ascension Light Body: Restoring your first sacred geometry Light Body, the extension of higher self into the Universal Geometry (Gem Self) From £155
    • Self-guided and/or supported learning
    • Compatible with Reiki/other energy healing modalities
    • Optional extra: Angelic Light Healing Attunements
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    7 LEVELS: provides complete Light Work Training (at your own pace) starting with beginners to Light Work and building a foundation and structure on which to gain spiritual wisdom.
    This Series for Angelic Light Workers takes you gradually deeper into the Mysteries and greatly raises your spiritual consciousness at each Level.
    From £1,444 to £2,222
    • (certificate option available). Please enquire for more details.
    • Self-guided and/or supported learning
    • Also compatible with Reiki/other energy healing modalities
    • Sets of Angelic Light Healing Attunements included
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    alchemy Workshops

    My next in-person workshop is being planned on Zoom. Read on and please contact me if you would like to register your interest. (NB: Preferred pre-requisite is to have completed a minimum of the first three Lemurian Blue Star Mystery School Levels)

    • Initiation into the Star Gates & Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus Initiation, and use of the Sacred Geometry of the Table for healing Alchemy.
    • As Above So Below, As Without So Within Workshop. Firstly aiding the Angels to restore Earth’s original pure template (held in trust for mankind in Templa Mar) Secondly, aiding restoration of the pure, unfallen Zodiac, with Pistis Sophia, Zodiac and Quinary Angels. This “calls” a vanguard of Advanced Light Workers whose soul contract specifically includes these Ascension aspects.

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