The Diamond Mandala

colours of creation HEALING: Rainbow Warriors 1

Have you always wanted to learn more about Angels, and to work with Angels in a healing capacity? Are you interested in the ancient wisdom of Angels? Winged Beings are as old as Time; the name “angelos” is from the Greek meaning messenger. So Angels are messengers of God/Goddess/The Creator.  Angels cannot interfere in human lives in any way but they are tasked with supporting us in our spiritual growth, if we choose to invite them into our lives. The book: Angel Healing & Alchemy – How to Begin – Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray tells you how to begin to invite Angels into daily life. It’s how it all began for me in 1999. To go further, and work on healing self and others with Angelic energy of the12 Colours of Creation.

Course Objective:

  • To provide a complete introduction to healing self and others, step by step, with the Primary Angels of the Twelve Colours of Creation.
  • Work first individually with these Angels, then in groups of three: Red, Orange, Yellow of lower self, Green, Magenta, Turquoise of heart/higher heart/thymus, and Blue, Indigo, Violet of higher self. Gradually release chakra blocks from this and past lives as you integrate higher vibrations of the Colours for greater harmony and balance. Finally work with Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel and Hermes Trismegistus on Caduceus, Gold & Silver, clearing spine to higher levels. Move to White Fire of Oneness at crown and take your first step to Diamond of Seraphiel & the Creation Angels.
  • Fee: £177


Another step on from either the Angel Healing & Alchemy book, or Rainbow Warriors 1, is to attain your Crystalline Heart Flower and Heart Ascension. How? It’s restoring your first sacred geometry Light Body – the extension of higher self into the Universal Geometry (Gem Self/Adam Kadmon) that mankind originally possessed (before the Falls). Working with 11 Mighty Angels, this concludes with teaching you a simple yet powerful 9-Breath Meditation to do daily that is truly life-transforming for you and everyone/everything around you. Effectively you become a Bridge between Above & Below, with and for the Angels, as your Heart Ascension returns you to White Fire of Oneness. As you hold this vibration within, you will expand your spiritual consciousness and aid Earth’s Ascension – reaching the necessary critical mass of Love & Light. Work towards your spine becoming Diamond to aid Seraphiel & his Seraphim Creation Angels.

The Six Course Objectives to aid Ascension:

  • To fully gain Oneness with All by learning about and going within Sacred Eden Tree
  • To reconnect to the Sacred Geometry of the Universe, using the Star Tetrahedron/Octahedron
  • To balance Gold/Sun and Silver/Moon aspects of self to 3rd eye, to move to crown, and then to become a human conduit of pure, unfallen White Fire of Angelic Light
  • To empower higher heart to hold the Diamond Seed of Life Geometry within heart
  • To Ascend through heart: create with Love (out of the Star Tetrahedron) the Angelic Light Body: an extension of Higher Self
  • To use Geometry of Heart Ascension to send out myriad healing Seed/Flower of Life fractals of Angelic Light
  • Fee: £177

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