Mystery School

I first began the channelling and writing of this series back in 2004/5, following a Blue Star experience on a Sacred Pilgrimage to Peru in 2004. This was under Seraphiel’s guidance, and later Sanusemi’s (of the Blue Star Ennead.  The Mystery School continued where the published works finished, and this started with moving on from the Heart & Soul Cards. At the beginning I thought it would be only one Level of teaching and meditation. But of course it kept growing: going deeper and further over a number of years, developing into the (Sacred) Seven Levels, and incorporating the Love & Light Cards after their publication in 2009.  All Seven Levels have since been updated several times to take account of Earth’s Ascension Programme and rising vibration. This has been especially apparent post December 2012 and most recently in 2018/9.

All the material is self-contained (with artworks for those who do not possess my Angel Card Trilogy). You will work at YOUR OWN PACE,WITH ANGELS and soul contract insights. Also IN TWO DIFFERENT WAYS: Microcosmic (one-to-one healing AS/IF APPROPRIATE) and Macrocosmic healing I.E. aiding Ascension of Mother Earth, Nature, All Life Below.

What the Series includes:

This individual, self-study Series teaches Light Work from an early stage to Advanced Light Work. It begins with Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree (Earth’s pure template), and ends with creating and holding that template within self to channel Earth’s original Diamond/Saf-Fire Ray for Ascension of Mother Earth and All Life: you become a vanguard Advanced Light Worker for Angels holding that Love & Light for others (who so choose and strive) to reach and access.

Level 1: Sacred Eden Tree & Becoming a Light Worker for the Angels,
Level 2: Breath of Life Alchemy: Blue Star, & Thunderbird-being,
Level 3: Fire of Life Alchemy: Amethyst Throne & Soul Retrieval Light Work
Level 4: Water of Life Alchemy: Heart Grail, Waters of Earth, healing self and Earth
Level 5: Spirit Alchemy: Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica), 12/13 Colours of Creation
Level 6: Spirit magnified: Quinary Angels, Geometry of 60, 72, 144, 144,000
Level 7: Culmination: Michael’s 9 Swords, Divine Masculine/Feminine/Trinity, Adam Kadmon

Fees: £1,777 for all course materials for the Series and all Attunements, £2,222 for Series’s Certificate option. Mentoring by arrangement. Enquire for details.

In more detail: Series’ Course Objectives

Level 1: To self-heal, to become One with Earth’s Sacred Eden Tree and All Life, with the support of Metatron & Shekinah (twin Guardians of the Tree) and then to learn how to use Sacred Geometry to create the Angelic Light Body (Merkaba), gaining Personal Heart Ascension for the benefit of Earth & All Life and aiding the Earth shift now taking place.   This is the foundation of Light Work with the Angels, and creates a sound structure on which you can build, plus recover your own ancient wisdom, for if you are drawn to the e-Mystery School you will be an old soul. Begins with the Heart & Soul Angel Cards, continues with the Love & Light Cards.   

Level 2:  Breath of LIfe., becoming a Thunder-being of the Blue Star and flying to the Blue Star itself, (unfallen Rigel) of Earth’s origin. As Metatron & Shekinah say “The next step is another leap of consciousness. After you understand and work with the Sacred Geometry of the restored Light Body your heart flower becomes a diamond Flower of Life fractal whose power derives from beyond the Star Gate and whose Diamond Ray illuminates your true soul’s purpose. Then with Sanusemi and Thunderbird we enable you to fly to the Blue Star of your origins and return on Breath of Life as a Thunderbeing (see Heart & Soul Cards). Then you as Microcosm hold power of Five and the pure Blue Star Saf-Fire vibration of Ascension to transmit this to Earth” Exploring links to the Star Gates of The Suns, The Moons, and Saf-Fire, and the huge step of working with Sanusemi: The Ennead of Blue Star (Nine Seraphim) and their Symbol of triplicity: the Thunderbird whose beak touches Suns, Moons and Blue Star, whose nine-feathered tail grounds in the Star Gate of Earth (Heart & Soul/Love & Light Cards). Culminating in your becoming a Thunderbeing.

Level 3: Work with Fire of Life and the Star Fire Cones of Seraphiel (see Heart & Soul/Love & Light Cards). In this level you combine Breath of Life with Fire of Life, working with Violet Fire, the Amethyst Throne and the Octahedral Light Body which aids specialist soul retrieval Light Work for the benefit of mankind yet also for the Nature Kingdom. And to heal the fabric of Mother Earth herself (linked to re-balancing Divine Feminine, with Shekinah, Pistis Sophia and other Light Beings.) Higher Fire of Life cleansing of your vibration, using Star Fire Cones (as per Heart & Soul Cards), re-balancing of Divine Masculine. Angelic Light Glyphs are gifted. As a Thunderbeing, working with your Octahedral Light Body and following angelic guidance on how to use it for soul retrieval and other tasks of Light Work to aid Ascension of Earth and All Life Below.  Accessing further Star Gates through the inter-dimensionality of the Octahedron Sacred Geometry.

Level 4: Icosahedron – Sacred Geometry of Water of Life, healing of mankind, Mother Earth, Nature and the Elements: Heart Grail & Sacred Rivers of Eden; also Sacred Geometry Icosahedron and Melchisadec’s Key to healing this Reality, Microcosm to Macrocosm. This Level (the first of the Advanced Levels) takes you much further into working with Earth’s two Moons, Water of LIfe, Swan of Transfiguration (visualisation and special Attunement). Exploring Lemurian origins and much more, including all Angelic Light Glyphs connected to Water of LIfe. The focus is on re-balancing of the Divine Feminine for Ascension.

Levels 5: Dodecahedron – Sacred Geometry of Spirit, Rosa Mystica, its Mystery and its Advanced Sacred Geometry of 60 + 12 =72, the 72 Quinary Angels and healing with Colours of Creation and first 5 subtle energy bodies (JJ Hurtak refers in Keys of Enoch) At this point you work with Seraphiel and the Seraphim Creation Angels to develop your Dodecahedron Light Body and work with the Sacred Geometry involved with this. You also encounter and work with the Quinary Angels of the visible Heavens.

Level 6: Stellated icosadodecahedron of SeraphielEarth’s pure template. The invisible Heavens and Quinaries, understanding the higher 5 subtle energy bodies – 72 becomes 144 connecting to the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension, Hall of the Ancient Grail Kings & Queens, advanced healing of self and All Life. Going much further into 10th Dimension, re-connecting with your own Ancient Wisdom as appropriate, and you are gifted by the visible and invisible Quinaries to aid your Light Work soul cntract.

Level 7: Re-balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to bring forth the Trinity and restore the Adam Kadmon (available to those committing to this Light Work) The culmination of the whole Series of Seven Levels…the daily Meditaiton to aid Ascension.

NB: Advanced Blue Star Levels link directly to the Love & Light Angel Cards, culminating in working with Rosa Mystica (Mystic Rose in Heart & Soul). The course is self-contained; you do not need my published works.

Each level contains unique sets of Angelic Light Healing Attunements:

  • Connective Attunements (Angelic Light and Malachim Glyphs) for each angel featuring in the meditations. 
  • Complete sets of Angelic Light Colour Healing Attunements.  These are given individually to students and will either confer the ability to channel Angelic Light healing (if you’ve not studied any other healing modality) or enhance any energy healing skills you already possess.
  • Caduceus Attunements for gold and silver harmony and balance at various levels. Begins in Level 1 with Hermes Trismegistus. Then, also with Pistis Sophia, a higher energy version that is also a Zodiac Gateway (see Love & Light cards); this enables you to traverse our normal Zodiac to access the higher, pure, unfallen Metatronic Light Zodiac energies: in this Zodiac all signs are in perfect balance and if this is part of your own soul’s purpose, you will be able to channel them to help harmonise All.
  • Sacred Geometry Attunements specific to each level. As you have read, all Platonic Solids (and more) are covered in this Series and you install and work with them within self.

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