I’m Angela!

I spent over 30 years as a businesswoman before the angels showed me a need to bring a spiritual focus into my life. In August 1999, I was persuaded by my sister (Joanna Bristow Watkins) to follow her into learning Reiki Seichem energy healing, so that we would ultimately be able to train others in healing and various related subjects.

On the day of the course, I found my first white feather. Within two months my management consulting business had almost disappeared, and (cash poor but time rich!) I became deeply immersed in research on the subject of angels and angelic support in daily life. In fact you might say that I was hijacked by the angelic realm for a year and fast-tracked in the history of angels (Greek: angelos – winged messenger)! I traced sacred writings on the subject through many belief systems back to the winged figures depicted in the earliest recorded civilisation (Sumeria) and even beyond, to simple winged, Lemurian (Mu) glyphs. Moving forwards again to study how to work daily with angels, I discovered that the term Angelology derives from the Essenes. Now, I describe myself as a modern mystic, tasked with disseminating ancient, angelic wisdom, combined with brand new channellings, a philosophy presented in a 21st Century format that is suitable for today’s audience.

In 2000 I was commissioned by Quadrille to write my first book A Harmony of Angels, published in October 2001. This book sold successfully and, a year later Quadrille agreed to publish the Harmony Angel Cards – still my best-selling work. Many other titles followed. The Harmony Angel Cards became the first of a card set trilogy that continued with the Heart & Soul Angel Cards (2006), and was completed with the Love & Light Angel Cards (2009) – the ninth work for Quadrille. The full list of internationally best-selling works may be found online. There are many foreign translations and almost a million books have been sold worldwide.

I believe that angels are not “fluffy” (though they can appear to us in this way). In reality they are ultra-high-vibration Light Beings whose rays we can access through heart and Love. They support us to heal ourselves (Heart Quest) and then use this knowledge to aid others (Soul Quest). If this resonates then read on – follow the white feathers to find what I and the angels hope will be illuminating to you and your Quest!